Pre Approval

Why get Preapproved?

Bar None Financial understands by preapproving a loan prior to shopping for a vehicle, trailer, boat or making another major purchase our customers are able to make better choices and negotiate better deals with their salesperson. Would you go hunting without a gun or fishing without bait? Knowing you are approved and what the maximum payment is you are comfortable with gives you control not the salesperson. We tailor payments to stay within your budget. Don’t waste time going to a dealership only to be declined. Shop with confidence.

We take the time to gather the information necessary to get you application approved for the amount you need at the best rate. No need to be pressured into a deal. We deal with many lenders and our track record and experience get you the best terms and conditions possible.

Most approvals are within 24 hours but a slower approval is better than a fast decline. If it is an automobile you are interested in we have access to a large online preowned vehicle inventory from several of our dealers that offer our customers preferred pricing. If you cannot find what you want and are able to locate a vehicle elsewhere we will be pleased to arrange the financing. Take a minute and apply online now to receive your no obligation preapproval.